November 9, 2011

Planning and Preparations

We came up with the idea of moving to Brazil after a series of events landed us in South Dakota... If anything makes you want to leave the United States all together, it is South Dakota.  A state with as much culture as a TV dinner.  We have decided to move at the beginning of 2012 and start our new life from scratch in Brazil.  My husband is Brazilian and has been living in the United States for over ten years.  He has always wanted to return to Brazil and after seeing the dark side of America, I have finally agreed.

Leaving everything I know behind to start a new life in a country that I have never visited and a language that I only have a basic grasp of is a bit daunting, but much more exciting.  So here we are, in our apartment in South Dakota, planning our escape.  

The Brazilian Permanent Visa is our first hurdle.  The visa allows me to move to Brazil and quickly gain permanent residency in the country so that I can work and live without limits.  However, in order to file for the visa from South Dakota, I would have to present the application in person to the consulate in Chicago, over 15 hours by car or a $500 plane ticket away.  Sure, why not!?  This has prompted us to move earlier than planned to sunny California where the consulate is only 3 hours from home in San Francisco.

This means that I get to spend the holidays with my family!  It also means that we have one month to pack up everything we own here into my Subaru Impreza and cart it across the country, selling everything that doesn't fit...  Let the adventure begin!

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