November 17, 2012

Our New Home

We are now officially settled in Campinas.  We received our apartment keys about 3 weeks ago, and spent the entire first week cleaning before our moving company delivered our stuff.  The apartment was really, really, dirty when we got it and took about 5 mopping jobs, a bottle of tough anti-grease cleaner to clean the cabinets and lots and lots of bleach in the bathroom to become a livable space.  After all of that cleaning the apartment is now really cozy and comfortable.  We have three tiny bedrooms that we have designated the “bed” room (where we sleep), the spare room/office (where all of our stuff that doesn’t fit in the other rooms is), and the “dressing room.”  When we call it the “dressing room” I feel more like Scarlett O’Hara or something… Sounds fancy right?  Actually it is just the result of not being able to fit a bed AND a dresser in the same room.  But I am complaining too much because I actually love love love our apartment.  Considering we spend about 90% of our waking hours in the same room of the house, I really don’t see the point of spending the money on a giant space for just the two of us. 

We are on the 11th floor of a 14-story building which makes me feel a little like I am living in a NYC sitcom.  The living room and two of the bedrooms have our awesome city view, while the dressing room has a view of the neighboring building about 3 feet away from the window.   I so far don’t have a naked fat guy, but being completely unaccustomed to living that close to someone else’s window, I may be someone’s naked American girl…  There have been a few times already that I have gotten out of the shower and realized a little too late that the window is open and then have to crouch/crawl to the window to close it, hoping that no one happened to be on their patio at that moment. 

Our neighborhood is really great with pretty much everything we could possibly need in walking distance, and, if not, a short bus ride away.  We have a big park about a 5 minute walk from our house which has public events, swan paddle boats on the lake, and places to buy fresh coconut water.  I have found 3 English schools near the park and will most likely be working at one or two of them next semester, but for now I am okay with being a happy housewife.  We got our oven last Tuesday after a month of eating in restaurants and I have been so excited to eat home-cooked food again that it seems a lot less like a chore! 

It seems like the people here are a lot friendlier and open than in Blumenau and we seem to meet someone new every day.  It is nice to see the start of a social life again for the first time in way too long! 

I have included some pictures of our new place and the park so that you can have some visuals…
The entrance to our building, so pretty!
Our beautiful view

Our not so beautiful college frat boy furniture (yeah that's two kegs and a board), our air conditioner
and our COLOR TV straight out of 1975...

Our kitchen and my crocheted doily rug

Our couch/twin blow up matress with a foam matress on top and sheet and our "desk"

Our bathroom complete with toilet doily rug... (Oh, did I say happy housewife?  More like increasingly close to becoming a crazy cat lady...)

The view from our "dressing room" window

Our apartment complex from the park (it's the melon and white one)

A train track in the park, not sure if there is actually a train, but it looked picturesque

You know those tillandsia plants they sell in Coarsegold?  Those grow wild here...

So do crazy George of the Jungle viney rainforest trees!

Another picturesque park view

Scary white eyeballs and horns = devil duck

I have been promised a swan ride tomorrow, pictures of Fernando paddling as swan around to come!

More crazy jungle trees

And after a long walk, a refreshing coconut water! Yum!


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