December 29, 2011


We got back to Fresno on December 9th after a 24 hour straight drive from South Dakota.  The car was stuffed beyond reason and I rode the entire way with my goldfish between my feet and Fernando's deer antlers in my lap... I'm sure we looked extra classy rolling into California!  Holidays are over and we are settling in a bit before we have to uproot ourselves again.  Fernando has his citizenship interview on January 20th and I will hopefully have all of my paperwork back by the end of January making the end of February the moving goal.  But with the American and Brazilian governments in control of our timeline right now, we won't get our hopes up too high.  Meanwhile, I am filling up my time trying to finish my certification to teach English abroad, studying Portuguese and doing crafty things, which seems to be the best way to quickly fill up my unemployed schedule.

Fernando has come up with a plan to import medical equipment in Brazil.  His dad has a doctor friend that is willing to pay for our trip to Brazil, the shipping, and cost of a machine that will drill into bone... Although this might be a good way to make money and also travel to America regularly, I am having a hard time getting excited about importing bone drills.  I am more interested in teaching English, learning the language and culture in Brazil, and working on plans for the future brewery.  I guess that I need to get my head right considering teaching English will probably make only a tiny part of what importing can make.  I wish that I could be a little more money minded, but honestly, the people I know who are money-minded are the most miserable people I have ever met.  I think I'd rather make $1000 a month doing something that I enjoy than $10,000 a month doing something I hate and although this baffles Fernando, it is a fact.  If only I could find something I truly enjoy that makes me $10,000 a month!  Only experience will tell if I will truly enjoy transporting bone drills and x-ray machines across borders I guess...

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