December 6, 2011

Moving Day Quickly Approaching!

Moving day is Thursday, or Friday, or Saturday... We are in serious packing mode with odds and ends strewn about the house, dirty floors and clean walls and drawers. 

Furniture is sold.  Bed is being carted off today.  Clothes are snuggly stuffed into two suitcases.  Electronics and books jammed into big plastic bins.  If I can fit all of our stuff into my ever shrinking little Subaru it will be a miracle.  And the most refreshing feeling of accomplishment ever!

The scary thing is this... We have to do this again in a couple of months!  How can you really decide what you will want/need to bring for what may be the rest of my life...  And the truth is, do I really need any of it?  Pots and pans, plates, computer paper, paperclips, tin foil, pillows, sheets, cheap jewelry... It can all be replaced, so it becomes an exercise of what do I really hold as irreplacable in my life.  But right now everything that I think I find important is packed up, and I'm still surviving...  I haven't had to unpack anything, I haven't missed my mixing bowls, I haven't had separation anxiety from my favorite blanket...  Will I start to miss these things in time?  Am I more comfortable because I have every gadget and gizmo that I could possibly need or have I just made that my comfort zone?   

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