January 21, 2013

Festa do Figo

Fernando and I went to a neighboring town called Valinhos yesterday for the Annual Fig and Guava festival.  We kind of expected lots of fig and guava related things like jelly and guava paste and fig newtons or something, but it really just turned out to be a carnival with a farmer's market specializing in figs and guava.  Fernando and I practiced our cork shooting and I won a plastic tiger and a lollipop, and we enjoyed some fair food, which includes lots of fried things, but no funnel cake or Indian tacos. :(  We ended our day with a box of fresh guava, a box of fresh figs, and two dragon fruits.  In case you were wondering, dragon fruit (I'm guessing we got a good one) tastes like a kiwi crossed with a watermelon and it is pretty fabulous!  It was a nice way to end our weekend and also have an excuse to eat churros!

On the bus to Valinhos

Fernando in front of the entrance

Fancy fresh figs and guavas
Fernando trying to win me the big teddy bear
Dragon fruit 
Me with my lollipop and plastic tiger!
A really pretty skyscape outside of our window one night that I accidentally added to this post.  I love having a view!


  1. That looks like a lot of fun! And dragonfruit sounds delicious!

  2. Those carnival prizes are AMAZING! Tee hee


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