January 5, 2013

Saturday Outing

We finally bought a table!!  After over 3 months of eating on a "TV table" made of a board and two kegs we have finally bought a full size table with 6 chairs.  It is super basic and plain, but I figure, it is better to go with basic for now so that we can use it as a desk or a second table in the future.  I am so excited to finally have a chair in the house as well as I have been using our foam mattress stacked on two twin air mattresses as the only couch/place to sit in our house, unless you count Fernando's "throne."  We also went to the "black market."  I call it that because it is all smuggled products from other countries and they have pirated DVDs and computer programs and things.  I guess there might be a more suitable name for it, but black market works.  We bought a new shaver for Fernando so that he doesn't go months without getting a haircut!  We also found a new brand of diapers to counter the "Baby Piss" brand we found back in Blumenau.  This brand is "Baby Willy."  I'll admit, it isn't nearly as funny as Baby Piss, but I still took a picture!  We ended the day shopping at the open market where we bought some peaches for me and some okra and and some weird vegetable I've never heard of for Fernando. 

This week I also ordered my business cards, so that I can start handing them out to people who are interested in English lessons.  I have decided to focus on private lessons so that I can determine my own schedule and have more flexibility with a possible job in my field (for which I am applying daily), travel plans, and visitors.  I got my first call from a possible future student this week and hopefully will start getting a lot more students when I start getting my name out there. 

As for Portuguese, I am looking at a couple of different schools here to take classes with other international students and ex-pats.  There are two big universities that are offering courses starting in February and March of this year.  I will probably end up going with the cheaper option, but I'm looking forward to the opportunity to meet other people from around the world and learn more Portuguese. 


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